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30 10, 2018

Not Safe (at) Work? America’s 15 Most Dangerous Jobs

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Rounding out the top 5 most dangerous jobs in America are Refuse and recyclable material collectors. Why? Because they spend almost their entire day driving. The biggest risk they face are the other drivers on the road, and this is true of all municipal road workers. Public Service Safety exists to keep your people safer on the roads. Watch this short video to learn more about what we offer city roads, parks, waste, and utility services.

Data on fatalities in the workplace is meticulously gathered to ensure that federal, state, and local safety standards

26 10, 2018

Survey: Increase in Drivers Watching Videos While Driving

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Simply put, the road is filled with idiots. They’re a danger to themselves. Worst of all, they’re a danger to others. It seems there are more and more selfish people out there willing to risk the lives of others, and for what? To watch a Youtube video? To stream Netflix? It’s downright scary. Public Service Safety exists to educate your workers on how to stay safe on the roads. Driving is the most dangerous aspect of your workers’ jobs, and it’s because other people put them in danger.

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9 08, 2018

City Worker Injured in On-the-Job Accident

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This street department employee is lucky. Well, so to speak. It’s not so lucky to have a heaping piece of asphalt fall on you, but it is lucky to live through the accident without suffering so much as a broken bone. According to the article, the employee was in a ditch when the piece of asphalt “broke loose and fell on top of him.” At first glance, this seems like just a bizarre coincidence, but even an accident like this is preventable. We don’t have all the answers, but we do have some questions. Were there any signs of

16 07, 2018

Highway Workers Have Dangerous Jobs Fixing Roads

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We’re glad to see we’re not the only ones saying this: municipal workers out on the roads have a dangerous job. Yes, the line of work itself poses major risk, but the biggest risk of all is driving out along the highways and roads. At least every other day, a roadside worker is struck by a vehicle, and those accidents are completely avoidable. Make safety a priority every day by teaching your employees how to avoid vehicular accidents. But don’t stop there; let us help you. Public Service Safety has all the fodder you need. Please, continue visiting our

6 07, 2018

What is Public Service Safety?

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5 07, 2018

Stay Alive – Don’t Text and Drive

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Here’s a shocking video, but so is the choice to text and drive. Well, it’s shocking to us. Most of us drive every day. And, it seems like just as many turn their attention to texting while behind the wheel. If you text while driving it’s only a matter of time before you have an accident.  Why learn the hard way? Why risk your own life, and the lives of people sharing the road with you? Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends, and family. If you need to send or read a text message, and you’re behind the wheel, let

26 06, 2018

State Cites Oakwood for Trench Collapse that Hurt 2 Workers

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Municipal accidents are often followed by blame and time spent by many people investigating. That’s in full-force here as this accident consumes three months of the state’s time and money figuring out that the city was negligent in two ways: hazardous work conditions and failure to provide adequate protective systems for its employees. Post-accident investigations are important and opportunities to learn, but if the focus is to assign blame (e.g. crime and punishment), they are a waste of time and money.  Fining a municipality will unlikely alter future behaviors.   Instead, investigations should be focused on root-cause analysis, leading to

21 06, 2018

Worker Riding on Back of Train Crushed in Derailment After Crash in Little Rock, Police Say

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It’s all too easy to shrug an accident off like this and say, “What could I have done?” After all, they couldn’t control that the train crossed the tracks. That may be true, but we have some questions as well. Why were those workers in the back of the train, unprotected? What’s the contingency plan for worst-case scenario? Take a critical look at your operation and ask yourself, are we ready for the worst case scenario? In other words, are we expecting the unexpected? The effort now is well-worth the potential risk of costing someone their life.

21 06, 2018

Man Killed in Construction Accident at Lakes Regional Park

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We don’t know much about why this accident happened, but we do know it could have been prevented. People cause accidents when they fail to pay attention, exceed their performance capabilities, or develop patterns of unsafe behaviors. The accident discussed in this article could have been any one of these three reasons. Create a safety culture through effective training and your constant presence as a safety leader. Remind your employees to always be aware of their environment; to work smart (and safe) rather than harder or faster; to check themselves and recognize potentially unsafe behaviors in which they repeatedly

20 06, 2018

Driver Charged in I-99 Crash that Killed PennDOT Worker

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We are not passing judgement regarding the decision to charge the auto driver with vehicular homicide.  It is was it is.  However, we will note that the tragedy continues.  In such an event, everyone suffers.  Our PennDOT employee died while doing his job.  He was trying to warn motorists, who were faced with adverse conditions, about a collision ahead.  The car driver probably needed that warning a few minutes earlier and perhaps he would have adjusted his speed.  Anytime our workers become pedestrians in live traffic, the potential for loss sky-rockets.  Please be sure you people avoid such situations

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