Angry Over Potholes

16 03, 2018

Basin Disposal Relative Killed in Pasco Transfer Station Accident

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Even older, wiser, more experienced family members and solid waste company owners are vulnerable.

Another unnecessary tragedy as a front loader backs over a pedestrian at a transfer station.   Although we teach GOAL: Get Out And Look, we realize that is not an option when running yellow iron.  This is a good example of an opportunity to use engineering controls, but not just a backing alarm.  Over time, the constant beeping becomes ubiquitous with the environment and no longer serves its purpose.  In this situation, multiple back up cameras and good training will prevent a re-occurrence.  Please be sure your

27 02, 2018

No Charges Filed in Case of Laurel Public Works Employee Killed Last Year

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It is completely unacceptable that no charges were filed against this driver.  How can they claim: the state’s attorney’s office declining to prosecute the case, stating that there was insufficient evidence to support any violations to state transportation or criminal laws.  Striking and killing a person with an automobile is, at a minimum, manslaughter.  Meanwhile we have yet another public servant killed in the line of duty.  These incidents can be stopped if we work together.

21 02, 2018

Angry Over Potholes, Douglas Man Charged with Threatening Murder

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Recently, we post several articles regarding the dangers of potholes and trying to safely make pothole repairs.  Sadly, three pubic service employees have died in just the past three weeks, while making repairs.  This article details an entirely different type of risk you personally face when it comes to potholes: crazy citizens.  Here, we have a resident so upset that the city refuses to repair his road that he threatened to kill the services director.

A quick trip to jail calmed things down, but remember, risk comes at you from every direction.

15 02, 2018

Mercer County Village Worker Killed in Industrial Accident

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All too often employees get injured, or worse, die on the job., while trying to do good.  Certainly, that’s the case here.  A public service employee chose to climb into a dump truck body full of salt for reasons we may never understand.  But one thing’s for sure – he was just trying to do his job and probably didn’t understand the risks.  Quality training informs your employees to be more careful and to avoid risks.  It could have saved his life.

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