Find out more about our low-cost subscriptions, including award-winning defensive driving training for your staff and other tools you can use to get better safety results.


Fleet Safety Course is a subscription-based web service that provides training programs, safety meeting materials, how-to-guides, and a wide range of professionally-developed performance support materials. Small fleets will suddenly have access to high quality tools and information previously found in only the largest fleets. Large fleets will have access to the tools they need for success, at an affordable price.


Focused, short video clips, followed by three confirmatory questions.  These are pushed out to drivers who view the clips (when not driving) on a smart phone, tablet or laptop and then complete three questions.


Take driver training into your own hands with the LLLC Instructor Certification Process, the industry’s most comprehensive method to promote, prepare, train and certify defensive driving instructors for your company. The LLLC Instructor Certification process helps you consistently identify and promote only the best candidates. It prepares them to become competent adult trainers.


The LLLC Defensive Driving workshop takes less time away from work, costs less than half of the competing alternatives and is the most superior professional driving program in the market today. Simple yet elegant. Cost effective yet impactful. This educational workshop and skills-based training teaches superior defensive driving for all types of professional drivers, for all types of vehicles.