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19 01, 2018

San Francisco City Employee to Stand Trial on Vehicular Manslaughter Charge

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Here’s a perfect example demonstrating the exposure you face every day.  One driver on any given day can make a single mistake, costing someone their life and your city $2.8 million.  The city subsequently changed the signals and continues to investigate its regulations, but this tragedy would have been avoided if this driver had completed the PSS Pedestrian Awareness/Intersections Course. We teach Rock & Roll for Pedestrians.  It’s a simple and easy-to-habituate routine for avoiding pedestrians who are legally in the crosswalk.

19 01, 2018

Worker Killed at Waste Connections in Cleveland

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Although this article does not state the cause, it does conclude that this fatality is the result of an industrial accident.  The exposure to loss is very real.  Every single day your employees face risks that can lead to their premature deaths.  Public Service Safety education and training programs can help reduce this risk.  Find out more by clicking on Learn More.

A man was killed in an industrial accident Monday afternoon at Waste Connections in Cleveland, Tenn., according to the Cleveland Police Department.

Waste Connections is a garbage collection service.

The department’s spokeswoman, Sgt. Evie West,

19 01, 2018

City Weighs $3 Million Payment to DOT Worker Disabled in Mowing Accident

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Workers Compensation insurance coverage is, by law, “exclusive remedy” in all fifty states.  That means if an employee is injured on the job, the only recourse for covering the costs of medical care or lost wages is through the state-provided workers compensation program.  All fifty states have the exclusive clauses.  Workers Compensation was brought into law back in 1917.  Before that, employees who suffered on the job injuries were on their own.  Many sued their employers to get payment for their injuries.  This was burdensome and expensive for both sides.  It was the employers, not the unions, who asked

19 01, 2018

Elderly Woman Struck, Killed by City of Berkeley Employee Driving City Vehicle

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Another city employee and another avoidable tragedy.  If this driver had completed our Intersections course, he would have known to “rock and roll for pedestrians,” a simple procedure that eliminates blind spots and allows you to see pedestrians who in the cross walks.

BERKELEY — An elderly woman died in a fatal collision with a city of Berkeley vehicle on Friday, a California Highway Patrol spokesperson said.

At 1:21 p.m. on Friday, a city of Berkeley employee was driving a city vehicle west on Channing Way and stopped at the Fulton Street intersection.

Berkeley resident Shelley

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