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29 11, 2017

NTSB Reports Highway Deaths Lead National Increase in Transport Fatalities in 2016

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Data released by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on November 21 revealed 2,030 more people died in transportation accidents in 2016 than in 2015, with highway fatalities accounting for 95% of all transportation fatalities in 2016.

The data indicate 39,339 people lost their lives in transportation accidents in 2016, compared to 37,309 who died in 2015. In addition to the increase in highway fatalities, increases were also seen in the marine and railroad sectors, with a slight decrease in aviation fatalities.





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28 11, 2017

Guarding Against Wrong-Way Drivers

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On Thanksgiving Day, three people lost their lives in Hillsborough County, Fla., after a driver traveling northbound in the southbound center lane of I-75 crashed into a car. All three people were under the age of 25. The tragedy once again places a spotlight on the deadly problem of wrong-way driving, which each year claims the lives of about 360 people in the U.S.

Drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs are at a much higher risk for entering a divided highway on the wrong side, so the holiday season is a particularly high-risk period for wrong-way driving — especially at

28 11, 2017

Flaggers Face Dangerous Job Stopping Traffic

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Yet another road-side flagger has been struck by a vehicle in B.C.

The latest incident occurred in the Okanagan Valley on Nov. 17 when a driver was apparently travelling too fast in a construction zone and didn’t have time to respond to the flagger’s command to stop.

The 66 year-old flagger was struck and had to be rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.





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28 11, 2017

Create Safety Rituals.

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Rituals are behaviors or activities that are known to everyone and that are shared by the group. For example, you could create a ritual by meeting with drivers every Tuesday morning at 815 to talk about one safety tip. If you did this for several weeks, your people would fall into a pattern. They would expect it. Once they expect, it’s a ritual. Safety rituals can be very powerful tools for changing behavior.

28 11, 2017

City Water Worker Hit in Pedestrian Accident, Police Said

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LUBBOCK, TX – A city worker was hurt Thursday morning in an accident at Slide Road and 9th Street.

Police said William James Turpin, 30, a City of Lubbock Water Department employee, was working on a water line in the area.  Police described the location as a construction area.





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27 11, 2017

Investigation Continues in Accidental Death of Watertown City Worker

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WATERTOWN — The state is continuing its investigation into how an employee of the city’s wastewater treatment plant died while working there on Monday night.

In a press release, City Manager Sharon A. Addison identified the worker as Gregory Eliopoulos, a process worker with the wastewater treatment plant.





Fox, Craig (2017, November 22). Investigation continues in accidental death of Watertown city worker. Retrieved from URL –


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