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23 06, 2017

Prevent Foot Pain and Injuries

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Job-related foot pain and injuries can vary from mild, such as a blister caused by a work boot, to severe, such as the amputation of toes after a crushing injury.

According to the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety, foot injuries fall into two categories: injuries resulting from punctures, crushing incidents, sprains and lacerations; and injuries resulting from slips, trips and falls. (Although slips, trips and falls don’t necessarily result in a foot injury, lack of foot safety awareness often plays a role in their occurrence.)

Safety + Health (2017, July 23). Prevent foot pain and injuries. Retrieved from URL
23 06, 2017

Cities Revive an Old Idea to Become More Pedestrian-Friendly

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You’re on a busy street corner and you need to get to a destination that’s diagonally across the intersection. You know what you need to do: Wait for the signal, cross one street, wait for the signal to change, and then cross the other street.

Vock, Daniel (2017, June 23). Cities Revive an Old Idea to Become More Pedestrian-Friendly. Retrieved from URL –


23 06, 2017

Learning as an Adult: Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

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By adult I mean an individual who is out of school, high school, college or otherwise. It’s true, as we get older we usually get a little lazier with learning new things. We feel we’ve been through enough school and already know enough. Our brain is full so why fit anything more in there? We are also much more independent and have more control over what we want to do. That’s the tricky thing with adult learning. Not only does the information need to be accurate, but the material also has to be made interesting enough for people to

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