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29 03, 2017

Omaha City Council Honors City Employee Fatally Struck on Job with National Work Zone Awareness Week

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The Omaha City Council has set aside a week in April to encourage drivers to pay attention and slow down around public work sites.

The council unanimously approved National Work Zone Awareness Week to be marked the week of April 3rd in memory of a city employee who was fatally injured while filling potholes this year.

Salvatore Fidone III of Council Bluffs was hit by a car on 144th Street in January. He was working with a city crew to fill potholes near U Street when he was struck by a driver who drifted across the lane. Fidone

20 03, 2017

Pedestrians & Cyclists: Friends or Foes?

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Riding, walking, crossing, not paying attention. Pedestrians and cyclists share the road with us each and every day. They don’t know the dangers they pose and frankly don’t care a whole lot. They pose a great threat to any driver and one could be standing behind you right now!

As any driver knows, there will come times when you have to share the road with pedestrians and cyclists. Whether they are in the sidewalk, crosswalk or riding alongside in the traffic lane, they have every right to be there, same as you. The pedestrian is always right. It might not be

8 03, 2017

Four Defensive Driving Principles

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Many people talk about defensive driving, but not many know exactly what it is. So, let’s talk specifics. True defensive driving boils down to behaviors, and we’ve created an easy-to-remember mnemonic to define four principles and behaviors that are essential defensive driving habits. It’s called The LLLC Defensive Driving Principles, but we just call it “Triple-L-C.” Using the Four Driving Principles of SafetyLook Ahead, Look Around, Leave Roomand Communicate, gives you the time and information you need to avoid an accident and be an all-around better driver. READ MORE

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