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31 01, 2017

Training Prevents Accidents, Builds Productivity

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The top transportation companies have long believed in the benefits of effective orientation/training. Results are reflected in their fine safety record and high commitment to the service of their customers.

Doing a good job with training has become even more important as travel on the roads has changed, and not necessarily for the better. READ MORE

30 01, 2017

Why Do People Have Accidents?

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It’s the end of January in Northeast Ohio and winter weather is doing its worst. Driving into work, I experience flash whiteouts, snow packed down slick on the road, and ice that can make an all-wheel drive pick-up do a pirouette. It more than doubles my commute. And, just when I think it can’t get any worse, someone starts tailgating me. If it sounds like I’m complaining, I am. READ MORE

18 01, 2017

2017 Is Here! Be Aware of These New Laws and Ordinances

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As 2017 kicks off, employers should be aware that a number of new state-wide laws and local ordinances begin taking effect.  In this blog, we highlight just a few that California’s public employers should now be implementing.

Kunze, Erin (2017, January 18). 2017 is Here! Be Aware of These New Laws and Ordinances. Retrieved from URL –


17 01, 2017

All-Star City Manager Shares Career Advice

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Earlier this month, I sat down with Santa Monica’s City Manager, Rick Cole, to talk about advice for public sector leaders pursuing careers in city management.

Keyser, Rachel (2017, January 14). All-Star City Manager Shares Career Advice. Retrieved from


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