I’m seeing a trend.  We’ve had a rash of fatal collisions in the past three weeks related to the repair of potholes. Our Google feed is sending two reports of fatal accident per week right now.  It is extremely unfortunate that our public servants have to risk their lives, just to make the roads we drive on a little smoother.  Here, we lost a state DOT worker, Nolan Olson (rest in peace), who was just doing his civic duty to make the roads more comfortable for all of us.

The risks are real and the tragedies continue.  At PSS, we are dedicated to making you fleet and employees safer.  This is a big issue and we’re anxious to get started on building a comprehensive safety program focused on safe pothole repair.  It will include policies, procedures, a web-based educational course, skills-based training materials, posters, reminders and micro-learning (safety tune ups) that will reduce the risks associated with repairing potholes.  It’s urgent that we get started now so we can have it in place before next year’s weather breaks.  Won’t you join us?  If you have content, ideas or would like to be on the design team, please contact me personally at mgardner@avatarms.com.

(2018, February 11). Pagosa SUN Online. CDOT worker Nolan Olson dies from injuries sustained in Feb. 2 accident.