Avatar Management Services, Inc. (Avatar) is proud to announce the launch of a new business line, Public Service Safety (PSS).  PSS provides a low cost, effective defensive driving and safety training program for municipal employees. The product follows a quarter century of Avatar creating custom-designed safety processes to help large firms achieve better safety results.

Founder, Mark G. Gardner, commented, “I’ve dedicated my life to making the world a safer place, and my company, Avatar, has done it by producing award-winning safety training for transportation companies. Two years ago, we realized that there are more than 40,000 government fleets and no one has ever addressed their safety training needs. With the launch of PSS, we’ll become the single-source provider of safety education and training for this unserved market.”

PSS is a subscription-based web service that provides training programs, safety meeting materials, how-to-guides, and a wide range of professionally-developed performance support materials. Small municipal fleets will suddenly have access to high quality tools and information previously found in only the largest fleets. Best of all, the materials are designed specifically for the public works/service demographic, right down to the “white” trucks and typical work activities.

PSS is ideal for any public-sector fleet: street, water, animal control, parks, solid waste and utilities. These jobs are inherently risky, but public servants face 20 times greater risk when driving than when doing any other work activity.  “Nearly 100 Americans die everyday in vehicular crashes,” Gardner said. “Sadly, some of them include our public servants who are killed on the job. They repair our roads, pick up our trash, keep our lights on after a storm, and they risk their lives doing so. We intend to make every community safer, one driver at a time.”

PSS features Avatar’s unique approach to adult learning that focuses on making material engaging as well as educational. “We’re big believers in ‘edu-tainment,’” said Producer/Creative Designer, Matt Pallotta. “After all, education and training shouldn’t be boring. You get out of it what you put into it. PSS is the result of best practices built into entertaining stories that lead to high level learning. Our goal is to forever eliminate the behaviors that result in accidents. If we can engage the adult learner, we can succeed in making the world a safer place.”