Pothole repair is one of the most dangerous activities of Public Service Employees do.  At PSS, we’re working on procedures to make this necessary job safer.  We are developing not only outcome-based training for how to do the job safely, but also procedures crews should begin following.  It is completely unacceptable to allow live traffic to go whizzing by at 70 miles per hour while we have operators carry hot patch in a shovel and walking between the cars.

I hate to criticize someone I have never met, but this quote from the article scares me to death:

Hackbarth said he enjoys the thrill that comes with working so close to danger.  “We’re working inches away from 70-mile per hour traffic. There’s always that slight chance you can get hit,” he said. “This job is fun though. It’s exhilarating and there’s an adrenaline rush that comes from it. That’s why I enjoy doing this.”

We concede there is increased risk in this occupation, but we strongly encourage you to hire people who avoid risk.  Getting a thrill and an adrenaline rush is the first step towards a fatal collision.  Please put signs out at least ½ mile ahead and use active flaggers.

Lugsden, Kullen (2018, February 2). Ann Arbor News.  ‘Pothole patrol’ has a dangerous job patching Washtenaw County roads