We love to see transportation departments taking the well-being and safety of their workers seriously. Clearly, you can’t count on the amateurs out there on the road with them. Just like the article points out, amateurs will speed in construction zones. They’ll refuse to move over for road workers. Worst of all, they’ll drive distracted.  They behave in unbelievably unsafe ways every day which puts your employees at risk. The only issue is, that isn’t changing anytime soon. It’s always important to raise awareness, but that sort of change happens over years – maybe even decades. Control what you can control. Focus on the behaviors of your employees. Teach them to not only account of the risk of their job, but the risk that others create around them. We can help with that. Contact us today to start being proactive about your employees’ safety.

A rash of accidents involving Mississippi Department of Transportation workers over the past two days has caused two officials with the department to urge motorists to practice safe driving in work zones.

MDOT Executive Director Melinda McGrath sent out a tweet at 9:57 a.m. on Wednesday that said six MDOT workers had been hit while working on state highways in the last two days.

In her tweet, McGrath asked motorists to decelerate and move over when crews are on the road.

Southern District Transportation Commissioner Tom King followed suit, sending out a tweet at 2:43 p.m. urging drivers to avoid distracted driving.
No further information was available on where the accidents occurred or the status of the workers involved. Work zone safety tips for motorists can be found here.
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