As risk managers, we don’t jump to conclusions.  We base our opinions on facts.  In this case, we don’t have many facts.  We have a single-vehicle collision ending in a fatality.  Could better training have helped?  We just don’t know.  This 72 year old veteran employee in the water department may have fallen asleep at the wheel.  He may have been distracted or even texting.  Or he may have had a heart attack or stroke before running off the road.  We don’t know the circumstances.

Sadly, we can’t prevent every collision, but through better safety education and world-class defensive driving training, we can prevent may of the needless accidents, injuries and fatalities.  Our advice: do what you can.  Provide PSS training to your people.   Help them get home to their families every night.

Leader Staff (2018, April 17). PUD employee dies in accident