The statistics are headed in the wrong direction!  But it goes deeper than statistics.  We’re talking about lives.

We exist to make the world a safer place.  Not because of the statistics or financial burden on the tax payers, but because we care about the people.  And, it’s not just road crew workers.  It’s their wives, husbands, parents, children, coworkers and friends.  One fatality effects hundreds of people.  We support the more effective engineering controls to mitigate risk, such as:

  • Longitudinal barriers (guardrails between live traffic and road crews)
  • Truck-mounted crash attenuators
  • Clear warning signs at 500 and 300 feet
  • Doubling fines in work zones
  • Reflective vests

But far more important than engineering controls, we recommend outcome-based safety training.  Please let us help you.  Let’s work tougher to reverse these trends.  Call today.  Someone’s life depends on you.

Slowery, Kim (2018, April 16). Construction Dive. U.S. road work zone fatalities up 7%