Who We Are

Why We Exist

Who are Our Clients

Just who is Avatar you ask?

During the past 25 years, we’ve helped dozens of world-leading organizations achieve improved results in safety, sales, productivity, quality control, compliance and most importantly, profitability.

We’ll help you get better results!

We create custom solutions that address the human performance issues. We charge less than those big-name consulting firms, but we give more than advice. We actually produce tools you can use to bring about meaningful change. We’re passionate about your success. In fact, we can’t succeed, unless you do.

Our mission is to help our clients improve the performance of their people. We excel at creative custom solutions that help you achieve better results.

We use a scientifically-based design process to understand your needs and to develop the most appropriate performance improvement strategies for your particular situation.

So “Avatar develops Creative Solutions to Human Performance Challenges”. But what, exactly, does that mean to you? It means we learn your business, inside and out, focusing on your people and how work gets done. We concentrate on your procedures for selecting, hiring, orienting, training, educating and supporting your people. We study and define major work behaviors and work processes; and we carefully identify the relationship between those behaviors and processes and your potential for success. Then, we create strategies that lead to improved operational efficiency, productivity and safety, increased sales, enhanced customer service and superior product quality and employee performance.

Our professional staff is highly qualified, insightful, creative and experienced in all aspects of organizational development and employee performance. We have resident expertise in organizational effectiveness, industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology, instructional design, information technology, media production and graphic design. Our I/O psychology consultants hold Ph.D.s and M.A.s, and the remainder of our professional staff holds degrees in communications, education, engineering, graphic arts, IT and radio and television production.

“Professional, hardworking, but just a little bit quirky” is how our clients describe us. We love our work and have fun, but we take our work very seriously.